The Frustrations of Weight Loss

I would like to talk about weight loss.  Why?  Because for some individuals losing weight is very frustrating and very stressful.  As a natural nutrition clinical practitioner, I see my clients struggling with weight loss.  I also see the state of health they are in.  I have noticed that while helping my clients with their health issues and bringing the body back into balance, one of the side effects was some weight loss.

I have developed a program called:  Synergistic Weight Loss Strategy – an individual approach.  Read on and if you are interested, follow the instructions at the end of my blog.

The Frustrations of Weight Loss

  1. You hardly eat anything & gain weight – actually you look at food & gain weight
  2. You exercise your butt off but no fat falls off
  3. You lose weight but it keeps coming back – sometimes even more than it was
  4. You are always hungry
  5. Your carb cravings cannot be controlled – when it hits, you eat everything in sight- you even steal sample foods from children at Costco
  6. You have tried every diet out there, it worked but didn’t last
  7. You do well on your diet UNTILL – PMS sets in – then look out!
  8. You are female and turned 40 years – then the fat shows up to celebrate with you
  9. For some strange reason you look pregnant but you’re not
  10. Your Jelly Belly just won’t go away
  11. Your gut is big, but it is hard so it can’t be fat – but you can’t get rid of it
  12. Add your own frustration here: _______________________________________________

Ok then, I can go on & on, but you get the idea.

So, What Stops You From Losing Weight?

  1. Under Active Thyroid
  2. Unbalanced Adrenal Glands – Cortisol
  3. Unbalanced Estrogen & Progesterone
  4. Low Serotonin Levels
  5. Hypoglycemia – Unbalanced Blood Sugar
  6. Too Much Insulin
  7. Emotional Eating
  8. Toxin Overload
  9. Disfunctional Digestive System
  10. Eating Too Much
  11. Eating the Wrong Food Combinations

Again, I can go on & on, but I won’t.

What Can You Do About It?

  1. You need to make the decision to take control of your body AND let nothing get in your way! This is very important.  You need to be motivated or you will fail.
  2. Find out what is keeping you from losing weight – is it too much insulin, toxic overload (I can help here)
  3. Get help – why waste your time trying to figure out which issue is keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals for good – fad diets don’t work because they are too general (hint:  I can help)
  4. Start implementing a diet & lifestyle plan that suites your lifestyle, meets your nutritional needs, addresses the issues that impede your weight loss, and you can live with for good (hint:  I can help here too)

I create weight loss programs that are very specific to individual needs.

 If you are interested, please book your 30 minute FREE consultation. 

Address of clinic is 2706 – 13th Avenue, Regina.

If you have trouble with the booking page, please email or call:  306-539-3189 or

Changes Changes

Now that we have business over with, one major change is that I will be practicing at a new location:

Head to Heal Wellness Centre
2706 – 13th Avenue    REGINA  SK

contact me through:
phone or text: 306-539-3189
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I have decided to specialize in:

  • weight loss (specifically for women over 40-though I would love to help anyone)
  • digestive issues
  • chronic fatigue

To health & wellness,

Marlisa Sucher, NNCP



Improve your Health and Wellness with Metabolic Balance


Finally after  three years of researching and testing various weight loss programs, I have found the program that is the most natural and effective in promoting health, wellness, and weight management. Thank you to everyone who participated in testing out these programs, I could not have done my research and testing without you.

Metabolic Balance is an innovative all-natural nutrition program that brings balance to your hormones, optimizes your health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in long term weight management. It is backed by over 25 years of scientific study and is managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional scientists.  I have completed the course and am now certified to offer Metabolic Balance.

The foundation of the program is that a unique truly personalized nutrition plan is developed for each client, based upon an in-depth analysis of their unique blood values, medical history, and personal likes and dislikes. This personalized nutrition plan will act as your “Road Map”, indicating exactly which natural foods you should eat in order to orchestrate the biochemical changes needed for reaching your desired weight and health goals.

This program is 100% natural – as you eat natural foods that are available in Grocery stores and Farmers Markets. There are no supplements, shakes or meal replacements – only real foods.  The program was developed in Germany by Dr. Wolf Funfack, M.D.

There are four phases to the Metabolic Balance program.  As a certified coach of Metabolic Balance, I gather necessary information, including blood analysis and health history, to create an individualized meal plan.  You will be educated and guided through all four of the phases until you realize your new healthy lifestyle and achieve your healthy weight goal.   This program has been used by over half a million participants in 13 countries.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and healthier weight goals?  Do you have difficulty losing weight?  Are you tired all the time?  Are diseases starting to creep up on you?  Contact me for your free initial consultation and to see if Metabolic Balance is right for you:  phone or text 306-539-3189  or   email me at

I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

For more information on Metabolic Balance checkout this video

Marlisa Sucher, RHN, NNCP

Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner

Do You Have an Under Active Stomach?


Do You Suffer From an Under Active Stomach?

Can You Relate To These Symptoms:

  • Indigestion or Sourness 2 – 3 Hours After Meals
  • Abdominal Bloating, Distention
  • Full Logy Feeling After a Heavy Meat Meal
  • Loss of Former Taste or Craving for Meat
  • Excessive Gas, Belching or Burping After Meals
  • Burning Sensation in Stomach, Heartburn
  • Heavy, Tired Feeling After Eating
  • Constipation
  • Stool Poorly Formed, Pale, Greasy, Floating
  • Undigested Food Particles in Stools
  • Ridges on Finger Nails, Slow Growing Nails

If you have 3 or more of these symptoms, your stomach may not be producing enough hydrochloric acid (HCl) and enzymes to digest foods properly.

Some researchers suggest that digestive disorders are the principle cause of unexplained symptoms and disease.

Low HCI Acid is one of the most common problems encountered.  The symptoms of an under active stomach can sometimes be confused with those of an over active stomach, leading to the use of antacids, which aggravates the condition.

The regular use of Antacids interferes with the production of natural acid in the stomach, leading to poor digestion and mal-absorption.

So Then, What Causes an Under Active Stomach?

An under active stomach can be caused by:

  • a diet rich in animal protein
  • dairy products
  • refined & processed foods
  • fast foods
  • faulty eating habits such as drinking too much with meals or drinking ice cold drinks at mealtime
  • improper food combining
  • inadequate chewing
  • stress – is an emotional factor that also contributes to an under active stomach

Why is This a Big Deal?

An under active stomach will affect the proper functioning of the colon, leading to constipation & poor absorption of all vitamins & minerals including calcium, magnesium, chromium, iodine, iron, manganese, potassium, selenium, & zinc.  Calcium, iron, & zinc in particular, as well as protein, require sufficient HCI to breakdown.

When you don’t absorb your nutrients, it may cause you to be hungry all the time.  So, you eat more – and what happens?  You gain weight.

Allergies are also linked to an under active stomach.  It is not uncommon to experience relief of minor allergies by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes.

With low stomach acid levels, there can be an increase in bacteria, yeasts, & parasites growing in the stomach and intestines.  YUK!!

So, What Can You Do About This?

You fix it of course.  How?  First thing you can do is practice proper food combining.

It is important not to combine sugars with proteins, nor sugars with fats at the same meal.  Why?  Because sugars are digested in the intestines.  If eaten alone, they pass through the stomach in minutes.  Proteins & fats stay in the stomach for 2 – 4 hours.

If sugars are eaten with protein & fats, the stomach holds on to the entire mass while digesting the protein & fats.  This causes the mass to putrefy because the sugars start to ferment, creating gas & bloating.

Eating Fruits & sweets 1/2 hour before a meal or by themselves is sometimes all it takes to clear up digestive disturbances.  If not, then a digestive aid is needed.  When choosing a digestive aid, make sure it contains HCI and a broad spectrum of enzymes.  You would take these supplements with your meals.

To receive help balancing  your digestive system, contact me through my web site or email me directly at  You can always phone me at 306-539-3189.

Wishing you health & happiness,

Marlisa Sucher

Thinking of a Cleanse?

I believe cleansing the internal body is very important for optimum health & wellbeing.  But cleansing in the wrong manner could mean you end up more toxic than before.  An internal body cleanse should be done in the following order of body systems or organs:

1.  Preparing the body for Cleansing – very important or you may make yourself ill

2.  Colon & Parasite Cleanse – this is done next, very important

3.  Liver Cleanse – this is done after the colon cleanse, again – very important

4.  Candida Cleanse – this comes next if needed

5.  Heavy Metals & Arterial Cleanse – this is done last if needed

If your body is not prepared for a cleanse, and your colon is not functioning properly or is toxic and a playground for parasites, cleansing any other organ will be a waste of effort.  The toxic load that will be dumped by the liver will not be eliminated by the intestinal system in a timely manner causing more toxins to roam your body looking for parties.



Underactive Stomach

Some researchers suggest that digestive disorders are the principle cause underlying many otherwise unexplained symptoms & diseases.  An underactive stomach does not produce enough enzymes to properly digest food.  Pepsin, which is responsible for the digestion of protein, is only activated in the presence of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach.  Low HCl is one of the most common problems encountered.  An underactive stomach may be caused by a diet rich in animal protein, dairy products, refined & processed foods, aging, and fast foods.  It  may also result from faulty eating habits & stress.

The symptoms of an underactive stomach can sometimes be confused with those of an overactive stomach, leading to the use of antacids, which aggravates the condition.  Regular use of antacids interferes with the production of natural acid in the stomach.  This leads to poor digestion, constipation, & malabsorption of vitamins & minerals as well as protein & essential fatty acids (EFA).

The following symptoms may indicate that you may have an underactive stomach:

excessive gas; belching or burping after meals; stomach bloated after meals; sleep after meals; halitosis; heavy, tired feeling after eating; nausea after taking supplements; can; undigested food in the stool; full feeling after meat meal.

Digestive Enzymes & HCl

Some recommendations for an underactive stomach would be:  eat smaller meals more frequently; limit meat proteins, dairy, convenience foods & alcohol; taking only small sips of water during a meal; practice proper food combining (ie:  do not mix proteins & sugar); avoid eating when rushed or upset; etc.

If the above recommendations are not sufficient to alleviate the problem, then a digestive enzyme containing HCl may be beneficial.

An enzyme deficiency may lead to many health problems including digestive disturbances, constipation gas bloating, poor bowel health, excessive body fat, etc.  Enzyme deficiencies have been linked to premature aging and degenerative diseases.  Lack of enzymes & the resulting malabsorption of nutrients can also be an underlying cause of fatigue, allergic reactions, & skin problems.

Stop suffering & take control of your health & wellness!  Contact me today.

Are You Eating Yourself to Death?

There is an incredible healing power within each of us that knows exactly what and where each of our ailments are – and  knows exactly what to do to correct them. Unfortunately, we have abused our bodies and that healing power lays stifled and dormant.

I want to teach you how to reactivate this healing power by bringing your body systems back in balance.

Eating & Living Healthy is hard. But you know what? I believe optimum wellness is always possible. I believe it with all my heart, and through nutritional consulting, I get the chance to help you discover how feeling fantastic actually fells for yourself.

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This is what I want for you:

1. Gain clarity about where your nutritional wellbeing is.

2. Spend your time, energy, and resources correcting the imbalances.

3. Learn how to listen to your body so you can make wise choices about what goes into your mouth, how to react to stressors, and how to balance your energy.


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Synergistic Health & Wellness Regina



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Your Effort + My Guidance = Spectacular Feeling of Wellness

This is your life – Are you living it at your highest most optimum health & wellness? I believe you must bring your whole self to the table of health & wellness: your body, mind, and soul – and your sense of humor as well.

  • I believe how we think affects our health by creating energy blocks that cause discomfort & dis-ease
  • I believe health & wellness has many layers and each layer contributes to your state of being
  • I believe everyone needs to play an active role in their health & wellbeing.

Take charge of your wellness – life on earth is short – enjoy it happy & content, full of vitality, and free of negative emotions.