Thinking of a Cleanse?

I believe cleansing the internal body is very important for optimum health & wellbeing.  But cleansing in the wrong manner could mean you end up more toxic than before.  An internal body cleanse should be done in the following order of body systems or organs:

1.  Preparing the body for Cleansing – very important or you may make yourself ill

2.  Colon & Parasite Cleanse – this is done next, very important

3.  Liver Cleanse – this is done after the colon cleanse, again – very important

4.  Candida Cleanse – this comes next if needed

5.  Heavy Metals & Arterial Cleanse – this is done last if needed

If your body is not prepared for a cleanse, and your colon is not functioning properly or is toxic and a playground for parasites, cleansing any other organ will be a waste of effort.  The toxic load that will be dumped by the liver will not be eliminated by the intestinal system in a timely manner causing more toxins to roam your body looking for parties.



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