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Underactive Stomach

Some researchers suggest that digestive disorders are the principle cause underlying many otherwise unexplained symptoms & diseases.  An underactive stomach does not produce enough enzymes to properly digest food.  Pepsin, which is responsible for the digestion of protein, is only activated in the presence of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach.  Low HCl is one of the most common problems encountered.  An underactive stomach may be caused by a diet rich in animal protein, dairy products, refined & processed foods, aging, and fast foods.  It  may also result from faulty eating habits & stress.

The symptoms of an underactive stomach can sometimes be confused with those of an overactive stomach, leading to the use of antacids, which aggravates the condition.  Regular use of antacids interferes with the production of natural acid in the stomach.  This leads to poor digestion, constipation, & malabsorption of vitamins & minerals as well as protein & essential fatty acids (EFA).

The following symptoms may indicate that you may have an underactive stomach:

excessive gas; belching or burping after meals; stomach bloated after meals; sleep after meals; halitosis; heavy, tired feeling after eating; nausea after taking supplements; can; undigested food in the stool; full feeling after meat meal.

Digestive Enzymes & HCl

Some recommendations for an underactive stomach would be:  eat smaller meals more frequently; limit meat proteins, dairy, convenience foods & alcohol; taking only small sips of water during a meal; practice proper food combining (ie:  do not mix proteins & sugar); avoid eating when rushed or upset; etc.

If the above recommendations are not sufficient to alleviate the problem, then a digestive enzyme containing HCl may be beneficial.

An enzyme deficiency may lead to many health problems including digestive disturbances, constipation gas bloating, poor bowel health, excessive body fat, etc.  Enzyme deficiencies have been linked to premature aging and degenerative diseases.  Lack of enzymes & the resulting malabsorption of nutrients can also be an underlying cause of fatigue, allergic reactions, & skin problems.

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