Three Types of Hunger & What To Do About It

Hunger is a protective mechanism that prepares the body for digestion and signals the brain to motivate you to seek food.  Hunger feels unpleasant because it needs to be remedied.

Many frustrating weight loss obstacles are tied to different types of hunger and are keeping you from your ideal weight.  Here are three types of hunger and what to do about each.

Heart Hunger

Also known as emotional eating, it is triggered by feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.  Emotional eating is best understood as the attempt to access positive feelings through eating.  You need to ask yourself:  “Is this food I’m about to eat a reward?”

What To Do?

  • Acknowledge the times that you are eating to soothe or silence emotions and find positive outlets instead.  Exercise is a great way to increase feel good hormones.  If you are deep into emotional eating, I can help you untangle this unhealthy association and deal with the real issues at heart.

Head Hunger

This happens to the scheduled eater and the clock is the trigger.  This has stripped away your reliance on your body’s own natural hunger cues.

What To Do?

  • Allow yourself to experience the physiological symptoms of hunger.  Delay the morning snack until you feel the urge to eat.  Focus on choosing hearty meal options like nutrient dense foods high in protein and healthy fat, ad these foods allow many people to go without eating between meals.

Habit Hunger

This is a kind of mindless eating where you have paired food consumption with a particular activity for so long, it is less a choice to eat and more of a repeated action.  Eating in front of the television is a good example.

What To Do?

  • Break the association completely.  Stop eating in front of the t.v. at night.  Or, crowd this bad habit out with a new healthier habit or replacement.  The key is to recognize that you have made an unhealthy association and then consciously work to break the habit.

If you are struggling with stubborn weight issues, struggle no more.  I have a program developed for very individualized weight loss.  The program is based on over 30 different blood values and your personal food preferences.  Free consultations to learn more about the program.  You have nothing to lose, but weight!

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Marlisa Sucher, RHN, NNCP